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12 | Full Disclosure

Eventually, everything will be brought into the light and everyone will understand the vital issues at stake in the great war between good and evil...


11 | Babylon the Great

Revelation’s prophecy about “Babylon the Great” reveals a long period of history stretching back thousands of years and concluding with the end-times...


08 | The Land Beast

After the beast from the sea is brought to view, another world power steps on the stage of history in the form of a land animal. This nation is in...


07 | The Sea Beast

In Bible prophecy, a “beast” or an animal symbolizes a world power. Revelation 13 reveals a beast arising from the sea with specific identifying...


03 | Worthy Is the Lamb

Christ is the central figure of Revelation, most prominently presented under the symbolism of a “slain lamb,” indicating that self-sacrificing love...

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