Season 4 | The Revelation Series

01 | Introduction to Revelation

The book of Revelation has baffled Bible students for nearly 2000 years. And yet, the title of the book suggests that it is understandable. It is a revelation, not a concealment. In Table Talk Season 4, we will lay down some very simple rules of interpretation that will serve to open the book to our understanding.

02 | The Seven Churches

John was shown seven eras of church history from the time of Christ to the end of the world, highlighting specific struggles and victories the followers of Jesus would experience.

03 | Worthy Is the Lamb

Christ is the central figure of Revelation, most prominently presented under the symbolism of a “slain lamb,” indicating that self-sacrificing love, not violence, is the secret of His power. 

04 | Bittersweet Book

One of the most mysterious visions and Revelation entails John eating a little book and finding it sweet to the tastes but bitter in the belly. We discover that this crucial vision creates a vital link between the prophecies of Revelation and those of the much earlier book of Daniel. 

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