What Is Table Talk?

Imagine four guys at a table with a list of provocative and sublime topics. All they’re told in advance is, “Bring your Bible and your brain.” No rules; no script; just straight from the heart, conversation about the things that matter most. This is Table Talk.

The Inspiration

During the Reformation Martin Luther held informal conversations with friends. They would get together and banter back and forth about theology and the practical matters of life. These discussions came to be known as “table talk.” This was one of the ways Luther modeled for us “the priesthood of all believers,” the idea that all the followers of Jesus are mediators and ministers of the gospel as opposed to the papal notion that the “clergy” alone are called by God to handle His word and deliver it to the “laity.”

Here at Light Bearers, Jeffrey Rosario, James Rafferty, David Asscherick and Ty Gibson often engage in casual blab sessions regarding biblical topics. As with Luther and his friends long ago, we have experienced the blessing and benefit of talking with one another over God’s Word. The result is a kind of intellectual cross-pollination, each person’s perspectives contributing to those of the others and then collectively yielding clearer insight than any one of us could have had on our own.

It’s fun.

It’s enlightening.

It’s energizing.

So we thought, Hey, why don’t we invite others to join in our conversations, or at least sit in on them, in the hope of spawning other “priesthood-of-all-believers” conversations around other tables in homes and churches everywhere?

This is the idea behind Table Talk.

The Result

First, we pray our biblical conversations are a blessing to you and many other viewers as we share our personal insights to God’s Word. Secondly, it is our hope that you will be inspired to gather a few people around a table in your own home to discuss the big issues of life from a biblical perspective.

I assure you, there is no greater blessing than to have our understanding of God and our relation to Him enlarged, expanded, and infused with new life and new insight by taking on board the insights of others who are pondering the same subjects but from their own unique angle. When we articulate our own perspectives and listen to the perspectives of others, we experience major leaps of understanding as the various ideas come together and build on one another.

And so begins Table Talk: a Light Bearers conversation. We hope you’ll join us, and we hope you get together with your friends and talk your way through the Bible.

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