Let’s face it, the Old Testament has some pretty gnarly stories. Some people would say that the God of the Old Testament is a monster. But there may be evidence that the exact opposite is the case—that the God of the Old Testament is irresistibly beautiful.


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  • Disagree that Jephthah killed his daughter. Mosaic law forbad that, and the firstborn offered to the Lord was typically an animal sacrifice unless the firstborn entered into the Lord’s service. Also, Jephthah is later listed among the faithful. This must mean that the sacrifice of his daughter meant she entered into service to God, possibly taking a vow forbidding her to marry and thus ending Jephthah’s line.

  • Great discussion. I have one pressing question on my mind. When God used Isrsel to destroy the ammorites, jebusites, etc,, because their iniquity was full, irredeemable, why did He not spare the children?