While the Bible does claim that Jesus is the only Savior, it also teaches that a person can be saved by Jesus without knowing Him by name.


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  • I am so overjoyed after listening to this discussion. I have always been concerned about those who died in different cultures before the incarnation of Jesus. I now understand that Christ has never been far from any person since the beginning of earth’s history. I will now read the scripture with a totally different view. This comment does not suffice to express my gratitude and overwhelming joy in finding this out. I have heard many pastors state that both the Old and New Testament reveals Jesus but today I finally understand this statement. I now understand why Jesus stated that the Scriptures testified of Him, God bless you and your ministry.

  • God was revealed more and is praised b/c of you; through you. Thank you for loving Him and being faithful to His call on your hearts and lives! He truly is so very beautiful! He’s respectfully relentless in pursuit of all our hearts. I love Him!!