The idea of free will is drained of any meaning if everything in the world is controlled by an all-powerful God. But what if God’s power is subject to the dictates of His love?


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  • So when we give God control of our lives, of our own free will (Accepting Christ as Lord of our lives), do we then cease to be free? Do we become slaves because we have given our will to the Lord?

    • No ma’am. Your freedom abounds through all things. That is why, as a sinner, you can at any point turn to God to give your life to Him. You also, as a saved person, need to choose to die daily but if you decide that you no longer want to be with God because the things of the world are more appealing to you then you are free to go.

      The actions of our past over time often make switching harder though. Take David and Saul for example. Saul had a history of not trusting God so when he realized he had strayed too far from God he went to a witch. When David realized he had strayed too far from God after committing sexual sin and murder he repented and did his best to return to the way. Conversely though, if you take Adam and Eve who only knew trusting God decided to listen to a beast that they had dominion over and no reason to trust because they felt like it. You never lose your choice but if you want to follow God then He will help you.