Abraham ‘s experience with God is the source of the doctrine of righteousness by faith. But it’s more than a doctrine—it is a life-giving relational dynamic.


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  • I think that Abraham recognized the voice of God, he may not have understood the reason for the request, but Abraham was willing to trust God where he could not trace His hand. As a result, Abraham was promised greater blessings than those initially God had pronounced.

  • Abraham’s thinking included taking Hagar to fulfil God’s promise to provide an heir from his body. It was the usual process in Babylonian culture to allow the wife to choose a subordinate wife to provide an heir if she, the wife, could not do so.

  • Just a point of consideration and/or discussion, I read (source of which regretfully I cannot recall) that for the time when a ‘deal’ was struck it was custom for the individual in the ‘inferior’ role ie, the one in lesser societal standing would be the first one to walk between the split animals. If true, this speaks volumes of how selfless and giving God is as He would humble Himself to show that He is willing to do anything to reach us in covenental relationship. Brings tears to my eyes to consider how unworthy I am and yet He loves me still. Thank you for Table Talk. I am getting so much insight and courage to share. May God continue to bless each one of you in His ministry.