John was shown seven eras of church history from the time of Christ to the end of the world, highlighting specific struggles and victories the followers of Jesus would experience.

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  • Marvelous. Besides the content that is terrific the format is what I find most stimulating – not the usual predictable seminar format which, if you’ve grown up in the church, can become rather off-putting after a while.

    The interpretation of the churches as representing 7 eras of the Christian church is taken up without much explanation as to why it is preferred. I just hope the intention is not to imply that for those upholding the historicist approach, the 7 eras view is a necessity; I should think not.
    I find the dates of the supposed eras rather arbitrary, as well as the idea not really arising explicitly from the text itself. The details of each church was meant to be applicable to all of Christendom throughout all the centuries until the blessed return of Christ.