The book of Revelation has baffled Bible students for nearly 2000 years. And yet, the title of the book suggests that it is understandable. It is a revelation, not a concealment. In Table Talk Season 4, we will lay down some very simple rules of interpretation that will serve to open the book to our understanding.


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  • Can’t begin to tell you four how much I love ❤️ and enjoy this program. I’ve learned so much . Wish I have someone or a friend that I could discuss the Bible with . Thank all four of you and may our Lord and the Holly Spirit continue giving you understanding of His Truth……AsySayAmen

  • This is off topic, but you came on my timeline, sooooo….ive heard you mention symbolic parallels of Christs life with history….i dont know the correct vocabulary, so hope im describing it correctly….but i would love to hear you talk all about that…..are there parallels with the life of Christ, the Israelite history and world history? Thanks!

  • Please upload the whole season.. Please!.. It was a life changing Program for me.. May God Bless all of you in his Service..