While it is impossible to prove the existence of God, there is very persuasive evidence to indicate that we do live in the universe made by an intelligent, benevolent Creator.


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  • The academics have established that there is no absolute truth. ‘That truth is relative’. On the other hand Jesus says he is the truth. ‘The word is truth’
    It is comforting to hear from your discussion that God works with us in different ways. Some of us the mind first, others, the heart but ultimately the distance between the mind and the heart will be covered by every creature made in the image of God. The final decision determines where the individual ends. Everlasting life or eternal death.

  • This kind of approach is somthing that is desperately needed in religion. An open, thoughtful, intellectually stimulating and somewhat challenging discussion. I personally would have liked a little more challenge and would have greatly appreciated this kind of openness before I distanced myself from religion…but this is a good and worthwhile conversation.

    Thank you.

  • Three things bolster my faith, to have made it immovable: 1) science/logic, 2) prophecy, and 3) experience. The first two can be argued in court, but the third is, admittedly, personal. But, it still functions as evidence for me to believe that the God of the Bible lives, and he is, as asserted, Love.