At first glance, it looks like there are hundreds of different religions in the world. Upon closer examination, it turns out that there are only two.


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  • I am so thankful I was told about these talks. They are mind opening, and are making me think completely differently about my perceptions of God.

  • I am tempted to be envious of your circle of fellowship. It is inspiring to watch such deep and simple truths unfold in our understanding as you dig through these precious concepts.
    Do you think our incessant pride is a big contributing factor in our persistence to revert back to our desire to appease God even though we know better intellectually?

    • when you think of that word pride, what comes to my mind is a picture of being proud of some sort of achievement or worth you think you have. which also gets me thinking that maybe when we are doing morally right actions we are being fueled already by a wrong motive, thinking we can get more love and favor by doing right. now then, when we fall and feel the guilt of being wrong, we will be inclined to get back to that position of favor we think we had, and because the idea of how we do that is already messed up we think we need to do more right, in other words, make more sacrifices. To then think that all we actually have to do is believe in Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness, then in a way hurts our pride because we are expecting to do something to be made right with God, that free gift of the cross totally diminishes and makes all your efforts of how you view righteousness and how we obtain it, making your messed view totally worthless, so that messed up view of how we interact with God and how we think he views us has a way of making us proud, so proud that we would think asking for forgiveness is not enough to get God’s love, our pride forces us to view him as the type of Volcano god who requires something from us to be pleased.